What we do?

People spend their lives collecting items that matter to them, from clothes to furniture, electronics to artwork. When a person passes, this entire life is left behind to be dealt with accordingly. Doing so can be overwhelming, but we are here to help.

We are a deceased estate antique auction company. This means with your permission, we will enter a property, help assess the value, and put it up for sale on your behalf in a way that you agree to. The personal belongings are removed, giving you the property ready for sale and cleared out. Our experienced staff is specialized in this business, and focus on doing so in a streamlined and efficient way.

Upon contacting us, we will come to the property to discuss what you need, and how best to accomplish it. Typically our people will come see you within a few days. Within a single day of that visit, we will provide you with a written offer on how to proceed. Our experts can come in and either purchase the estate items, or put them up for auction on your behalf with all the costs and services you need to get what you want. You can let us handle the entire issue on your behalf, or you are more than welcome to be more involved. In either case, you will have a single point of contact, meaning rather than talking with an army of people, you only need to work with one person. Regardless of how you wish to proceed, most situations are complete within 10 days. That way you can move on quickly, and get the home sold as well.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of services to help with this difficult process. Our specialists will discuss options with you, and let you choose what is best for your situation. As a preview, here are some of the services we offer.

  • Complete inventory and valuation of contents
  • Impartial 3rd party to help resolve disputes or conflict regarding value
  • Interim management to assist tradespeople and beneficiaries with the property
  • Packing and transportation
  • Delivery of items to beneficiaries
  • Donation of usable goods to charities
  • Removal of recyclables and rubbish

These and other services are available for your property and estate, allowing you the peace of mind to know it can be handled quickly and efficiently. With all we can do on your behalf, we can handle all your estate issues, preventing a large number of contacts for different services. From assessment to sale, then disposal, and even cleaning and gardening to beatify the home for expedient sale, we are ready to help you deal with this monumental task.