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As of November 3, 2006, the writer or no other member of Monroe County Michigan Historical Society known to the writer has been in receipt of any information from the apparently self-perpetuating board. One would hope that Dr. Nixon would use the resources and good office as President of The Monroe County Community College and board member to either correct the board’s inaction or set a good example by quitting and stating that he cannot as an educator be part of any closely held organization that should bring education in history to the community that refuses to do so.

If I were Dr. Nixon, I would rather leave town as one who reformed a society closed and hence subject to corruption rather than one who was a party to remaining a willing member of a closed society.



The 2006 Meeting was conducted at the County Museum because the 2005 meeting at the Country Club was an embarrassment to the officers. A member of the nominating committee explained that those nominated could not be ordinary persons. They had to have substantial positions in the community and in favor with the nominating committee. The board needed to be self perpetuating spending monies as they deemed proper or words to that effect.

It was stated that a web site would be constructed by a Monroe County Community College Student.

Very little is known by members concerning the day-today operation of the Society

The Web Keeper is a member
The Officers have promised to have open meetings for the members and send copies of records and by-laws to members
The Web Keeper has a standing offer to the officers to post information for all to read on this site – this offer shall remain here until the promised information is supplied to all members in some way such as but not limited to, a website, E-mail notices and or mailings.
The County Historical Society and the County Historical Commission are different entities

There are some Monroe County Historical Society members including the web keeper who believe that regular meetings for the general membership rather than one annual meeting of a board that appears to have a preference to operate without general membership purview would be an improvement The Society could easily make. Indeed, there is no obvious reason for not operating with complete openness.

Member Lloyd Connor asked many questions concerning why nearly all members were excluded from any function other than paying dues by the directors and other functionaries all of whom were reelected by proxy votes with one exception. Treasurer Daniel Vanwasshenova ran unopposed.

Lloyd a Marine who served with distinction in the Korean War and in many appointed and elected civic duties is considered very polite and an outstanding citizen. Lloyd asked many questions. There were questions many of us had concerning the need to operate secretly and why meetings were no longer held. Other questions concerned the bylaws and financial records. While Lloyd was every bit a true gentleperson during his questioning and comments, it brings to mind the country song concerning the Day Momma Socked it to the Harper Valley PTA.

The web keeper offered space on this web site to post any information they would inconvenient to mail, or post on a web site of their own. The offer was not refused and this web space is here to keep up my end of their promise to be more forthright and open.

NOTE: There is no lawful requirement that anyone post anything here. The space is available in the event that The Society wishes the space.

The County Historical Society does not need the web keeper’s help to make any meeting notices available to members, have any meetings to which members are welcome, account for finances, provide by-laws to members, or operate as they do at present.

Nothing herein is intended to make reference to any requirement(s) that are not being presently met by any city, county resident, and employee of government now or at any time in the past. This includes any member, officer, or anyone having any responsibility of oversight of The Monroe County Historical Society.