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     This site started out as a footnote on the site  to provide a place to post photos of our local engineering works including the overlooked Fermi-I.  This it is an engineer's view of  Monroe.  The 1969 photos of river ice are used by the watershed council for reference and the USGS in a training product for measurement of stream flows under broken ice.

    The web keeper's involvement in the study of the history of technology and industrial archeology becomes known when people obviously do not understand process industries such as Holcim, IKO, Detroit Edison, and others.

    Another serious shortfall is a serious lack of knowledge of the US Constitution as amend, various public acts including the open meetings act.  Property rights must be respected including the reasonable use of one’s property and the same consideration extended to others.

   The commercial site tried to portray Monroe as a good place to live, worship, and manufacture your products.  Conveying this perception changed for the worse when a forest of signs went up protesting a plant that made the very same type of shingles that most people use on their homes.  For this and other reasons the site was formed and the information moved from my commercial site.

David Alkire Smith

Web Keeper

David Alkire Smith Radio Amateur W8YZ is your Web Keeper.  Dave is shown here at The Monroe County Rod and Gun Club with a Marlin lever action Government 1895 45-70 carbine.

The weapon is considered effective against Nalgas, large thin but tough skinned beasts typically weighing over 500 pounds.  They have webbed feet and a mane like a lion.

Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: "A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Michigan Constitution Article I, Section 6

"Every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state."

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Dave loads his own ammunition and uses 405-grain bullets lubricated with well-rendered hog lard.  Using 50 grains of  double based smokless powder, a muzzle velocity of close to 2,000 fps is developed giving over 3,000 foot pounds of energy.  This is about 30 times the energy of a 22 caliber long rifle round.

Firing a Heavy Magnum Revolver

Note the fire halo around the cylinder

 Marlyn Ann Smith N8FDT Wife of David Alkire Smith W8YZ  - Marlyn is A Garver, another German Clan - She Has Been Married to Dave for 49 Years as of June 22, 2012



The Web keeper (the short person) standing next to his first Cousin James McConkey in the power house of the Vulture Gold Mine in Arizona.  Both men are 73 years old born in August 1938.  When they were in their early twenties they were both thin raw boned men who stood six feet one inch tall.  James still is.  The web keeper has lost five inches of height due to total disk failure due to degenerative disk disease.  Neither of us think of retirement and consider any physical problems as just an inconvenience.

Web keepers Admiration for Henry Ford and Disdain for Historical Distortions


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