Monroe County Signs

Here is an example of a home occupation and samples of the work produced that are signs of Monroe.  All photos are what you see from public rights of way and that is where the photos were taken.  Monroe and other government units have sign ordnances, which may not be followed by all sign makers and persons posting signs.

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Adam Petty Memorial

Advertise your Yard Sale All Over Town

Antony's Party Store

Bending The Rules

Councilperson Compora Bent out of Shape

Dale Earnhardt Tribute

Drugstore Survives Fire

Enhancing Home Value With Sinage

Estral Beach Needs Marksmanship Classes


Protesting Trailer Park

Scott Sixth outstanding for sale Sinage

Sell your Boat

The Pizza King and Pop Culture

Tribute To Accident Victim

Firefighter's 2009 labor Action

NOTICE: It is assumed that all sinage you see here is there by permit, common law, by right or approved by the appropriate official.  Various zoning and public safety ordnances may place limitations on signs in terms of content, placement, style, size, and number per parcel.  Just because you see them on this web site does not mean that they are lawful or unlawful.

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ęDavid Alkire Smith Photographic Collection


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